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By Laws





  1. The Golfing Zone shall be known as The Glasshouse Mountains Golf Zone (GMGZ).



  1. The Zone shall have as its aim, to provide a format of competition and pennant days on a regular basis in the Glasshouse Mountains, each calendar year, for the participation of its affiliated junior and senior golfing members.

  2. The Glasshouse Mountains Golf Zone is one of the three Golfing Zones which is under the umbrella of the Sunshine Coast & South Burnett District Golf Association Inc.

  3. This Golfing Zone shall operate under the Constitution of the SC&SBDGA and the By-Laws as stated herewith.

  4. The committee shall utilise both documents in the administration of golf in their area.



  1. Listed below are the eligible clubs within the GMGZ:

    1. Beerwah

    2. Bribie Island

    3. Caboolture

    4. Pelican Waters Golf Resort

    5. Kilcoy

    6. Maleny

    7. Pacific Harbour Golf Resort

    8. Pine Rivers

    9. Wantima

    10. Woodford

  2. The Management Committee of the GMGZ shall have the power to recommend to the SC&SBDGA for approval, those Golf Clubs that may be added or deleted from the respective golfing zone where warranted. An appeal against this type of action by clubs, must be prepared in writing and lodged to the respective golfing zone within 7 days from notification of any such actions.


  1. To be eligible to be a member of GMGZ and to participate in the respective competitions for golfers, a player must be a financial member of one or more of the eligible clubs with playing rights at that club as listed at item 6.


  1. Members will not be required to pay an Annual Membership fee. The sole requirement for eligibility for membership shall be that your club must be an eligible club of the GMGZ and pay the annual levy fee to the GMGZ each year by the 31st December for the next playing season. The amount is set annually at the AGM as approved by delegates.


  1. The Management Committee (executive committee) of the Glasshouse Mountains Golf Zone shall comprise the following:



Men’s Match Director,

President – GMGZ Senior Golfers Assn

Secretary – GMGZ Seniors Golfers Assn

President – GMGZ Junior Golfers Assn

Secretary – GMGZ Junior Golfers Assn


All of the above positions are to be elected by club delegates at the AGM each year, except for the position of President & Secretary of the Senior Golfers committee and the President and Secretary of the Junior Golfers Committee, who are elected prior to the AGM at the GMSGZ & GMJGA – AGM by their club delegates.

Members of the management committee (and Secretary /Treasurer of the GMSGA) may be paid an honorarium as decided and approved at the annual AGM of each year or as approved by an executive committee meeting. This is the same for the GMJGA.


The member clubs (as listed in paragraph 6) shall have the right to be represented by two duly authorised delegates, authorised by the respective clubs. Their appointment shall be certified by their Club Secretary giving their names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses to the Secretary of the GMGZ prior to the AGM.


The full committee of the GMGZ, shall comprise the management committee and the duly authorised delegates of the member clubs.


Each member of the management committee and the authorised delegates shall be entitled to one (1) vote on matters before the committee. The President shall also be entitled to exercise a further (casting) vote, when necessary.


A delegate to the SC&SBDGA Management Committee shall be elected at the annual AGM of the Zone or at an Executive Management Meeting as decided from time to time to approve such decisions.


The management committee of the GMGZ are elected and authorised to perform their duties for the full year they are elected or authorised.


All Management Office bearers are elected at the Annual General Meeting (excluding President, Treasurer & Secretary of the Senior Golfers Association & Junior golfers Association) and hold office until the cessation of business at the following A.G.M. at which time, they shall retire from office but shall be eligible upon nomination for re-election.


Once a delegate is elected to an executive position, they cease to be a delegate of a member club. That member club will then be required to authorise a replacement delegate to the GMGZ.


Nominations for all management positions must be a financial member with playing rights of a club within the GMGZ or a retiring management office bearer, and nominations shall be made in writing signed by two financial members of a golf club within the GMGZ with the nominee’s consent endorsed thereon, or attached thereto, and shall be delivered to the Secretary at least (7) clear days prior to the date of the Annual General Meeting. Any vacancy where no nominations have been received, the position may be filled from the floor of the AGM or the Executive Committee has the power to co-opt a financial member of a club within the zone to fill such a vacant position.


The election of the members of the management committee shall be determined by secret ballot where more than one nomination is received for the same position. They shall be voted for separately, and the nominee receiving the highest numbers of all votes cast shall be elected.


Should any vacancy occur on the management committee, the remaining members thereof will appoint a replacement officer who is a financial member of a club within the zone. When a club delegate is appointed to fill such a vacancy, that members club is responsible for authorising a replacement.


Any member of the committee may resign from holding office thereof any time by giving notice in writing to the secretary, but such resignation shall take effect at the time such notice is received by the secretary unless a later date is specified in the notice.


Any member of the committee may be removed from office at a general meeting of the zone where such member shall be given the opportunity to fully present his case. The question of removal shall be determined by the vote of the committee present at such a meeting.



  1. The AGM of the Zone shall be held in November of each year, no later than the twenty-ninth day of that month. The number of members to constitute a quorum at such meetings shall be 10 which includes delegates or zone representatives present (including management committee members).



  1. The management committee shall have the power to hold normal meetings at a time and place as decided by the majority on the committee. It is recommended to hold at least two normal meetings each year and at least three executive meetings per year. A quorum for all general meeting shall be 8 which includes delegates or zone representatives present (including management committee). For normal executive meeting, the number must total 4 of the management committee.



  1. At the AGM of the Zone, a Match Committee will be appointed

by the Executive Committee.


The duties of the Match Committee shall be to oversee the correct conduct of each and every competition conducted by the Zone and to meet and rule on matters of dispute or contention as may arise from time to time, or as called upon by the President or Executive Committee to so rule.


The match committee is responsible for ensuring the playing calendar for the year is in place and forwarded to all clubs by

the first week of December each year. The pennant season calendar for weekend pennants are to be presented each year to the AGM.


The Match Director is to liaise with the President, Secretary & Treasurer in relation to all matters pertaining to all competitions.



  1. The Zone shall have one bank account; however, a levy is to be placed on all Eligible Golf Clubs within the Zone each year.


The amount payable by all clubs will be decided annually at the AGM.


The levy amounts as approved at the AGM, are to be invoiced to clubs by the 1st December of each and payable in full, by the 31st December of the same year or at a date acceptable to the Executive Committee.


This levy is to be reviewed annually and any increases, must be voted on at the annual AGM and must be approved by a majority of those present before implementation.


The Zone (GMGZ) will recommend on an annual basis, the competition fees to be set for the ensuing year, for all senior golfing events and zone open day events at their annual AGM.


The financial year for the Zone shall be from the 1st November to the 31st October of each year.

A yearly financial statement is to be presented to the annual AGM and after approval, a copy is to be forwarded to the SC&SBDGA by the 31st December of each year.


The signatories to the bank account may total up to 4 which will be the President, Secretary, Treasurer and Match Director with any two to sign. This is approved by the Executive Committee.


Where possible, all executive members of the GMGZ should be the holder of a current “Blue Card” in accordance with current government legislation however with the GMGZ Junior Association, all position holders of that committee must hold a “Blue Card” to properly fulfill his role with the zone.


Etiquette of the Management Committee:

  1. “Members shall not use e-mails to engage in activities or transmit content that is harassing, discriminatory, menacing, threatening, obscene, defamatory, or in any way objectionable or offensive to other members of the district or members of the management committee”.



  1. GMGZ:


President: Is responsible to run the golfing business for all men’s golfing needs within the Zone. Is also to ensure that all other positions on the committee are being performed in an acceptable manner.


Secretary: Handle all correspondence, prepare flyers, conditions of play, take accurate minutes of meetings and prepare minutes for signing by the President. Prepare all associated paperwork for meetings and annual general meetings, to ensure all delegates have been authorised by their respective clubs and that notification of duly authorised representatives have been received by the secretary on an annual basis at or prior to each AGM, and other duties as required by a secretary.


Treasurer: Manage a set of books/computer records that accurately show all income and expenditure accounts and perform a bank reconciliation to the accounting records on a quarterly basis. Handle all accounts, manage sponsorships and budgets, monitor the collection and the payment of the required levies to the zone, prepare a financial statement for all meetings and an end of the year financial statement and present to the District Secretary for auditing and then present these financial statement to the Zone AGM and the SC&SBDGA at the end of each financial year. This accounting procedure is also required by the GMSGA & GMJGA.


Match Director: Will be responsible for the preparation and management of the years playing calendar in conjunction with the President, Junior Convenor & Secretary/Treasurer and set the conditions of play for each event and pennant games, chair and elect match committees on event days, responsible for selection of representative players and teams to represent the zone in certain events, attend pennant matches and finals as a zone representative.


The Match Committee (Generally will be Match Director, President, Secretary & Treasurer, Junior Convenor) shall provide a set of playing conditions for competitions and pennant events, separately, which shall be reviewed annually to adjust to changing circumstances. Such Playing Conditions shall specify the conditions to apply in the various competitions in each playing year and shall provide clear guidelines for delegates and players alike, giving cognizance to the range of criteria suitable to each particular situation and supplied to all clubs.


In relation to Pennant Eligibility, the required conditions shall be forwarded to all clubs on a yearly basis to clarify all such events.


The playing conditions for other events must be reviewed on an annual basis and a copy is to be provided to all clubs within the zone and to the delegates of such clubs.


Junior Golfers Association: In conjunction with the President & Match director of the zone, be responsible for the running of junior programmes and coaching clinics and the selection of juniors for the annual zone coaching programs that have been put in place. Assist clubs to hold junior open days, to work with club junior convenors to promote junior golf within the zone, ensuring a uniform junior handicapping system is in place and used by all clubs within the zone. Annually, to recommend/nominate the standout juniors within the zone for inclusion in the SC&SBDGA Annual Junior Coaching Program. To ensure the zone junior coaching programs and the futures tour events are run in an efficient manner. To be responsible for preparing an annual junior budget for presentation to both the SC&SBDGA (Secretary) and GMGZ (Secretary/Treasurer).


To select two (2) other club convenors to help/assist in the running of all junior programmes & future events. All junior convenors must hold a current blue card issued by the state government. This is the Junior Match committee. The committee structure and duties of the GMJGA shall be similar to that of that GMSGA except that the V/President is to be on the Executive committee of the GMGZ.


President – Senior Golfers: To ensure that the Senior Golfers Association is run in an efficient manner. To ensure his committee is efficient in the performance of their duties, ensuring senior pennants programmes & fixture programs are in place, to prepare a quarterly report to the GMGZ and to provide other relevant information as required in this executive position.


Secretary – Senior Golfers: The Secretary of the GMZSGA may hold a float of $200.00 and this float is to be reconciled on a regular basis with the Treasurer of the GMZSGA, and must include all receipts associated with the income and expenditure and to ensure the following is presented in a timely manner:

(a) To ensure all delegates of the GMZSGA are notified of meetings and maintain accurate minutes of all meetings held and forwarded a copy of minutes and any financial matters to the Secretary of the GMGZ within 14 days of all meetings.

(b) To prepare an annual fixture program & pennants program and ensure all clubs and the secretary of the GMGZ are notified accordingly.

(c) To ensure the annual budget covers all costs associated with the pennant finals (cost of flags & light lunch), championships presentation awards (acquisition, replacement, engraving of trophies & vouchers for perpetual winners), inter-zone challenge costs etc. He shall liaise with Vice President/Scorer in relation to all financial matters.

Vice President/Treasurer Seniors (Not on Zone Exec Committee):

The vice president will take over the responsibilities of the president if the president is unavailable at any time. This position will also maintain a set of accounting records, cheque book and compile a full financial accounting report at all meetings. Vouchers and all financial records are to be maintained in an accountable manner for audit at all times. Annual accounting records are to be presented to the Secretary of the Zone & District within 2 weeks of the accounting year as stated in these by laws.


 Glasshouse Mountains Senior Golfers Association & Glasshouse Mountains Junior Golfers Association:

(a) These two associations are permitted to hold their own banking account and submit a yearly budget to the Treasurer of the GMGZ who will assess the subsidy required for this association for the ensuing year. This assessment is to be presented & approved at the annual AGM or an executive meeting of the GMGZ.

(b) The GMZGSA/GMJGA are to present a yearly financial statement to the Treasurer of the GMGZ which is to include a copy of the bank statements etc. for the Treasurer of the GMGZ (or District) to audit prior to the AGM.

(c) The signatories to this senior/junior golfers banking account shall be the President, Vice President/Treasurer &


Secretary with any two to sign.



  1. The Committee shall have the power to approve Honorary Life Membership status to those members who have, in the opinion of the Management Committee, given long and meritorious service to the betterment of the game for Golfers within the Glasshouse Mountain Zone.



  1.  (a) When necessary, changes to the By-Laws can be made at any meeting of the Executive Committee.

(b) No changes to the By-Laws may be approved unless the majority present are in favour.

(c) Any such changes to the By-Laws approved by the Executive Committee must then be forwarded to the SC&SBDGA for record purposes.



  1. The SC&SBDGA Constitution & By Laws are to be used in conjunction with this document and where there are any differences or anomalies, the SC&SBDGA documents override the Zones By Laws.

  2. All matters that cannot be decided at Zone level are to be referred to the SC&SBDGA for a decision on the relevant matter etc.


Document Approval:

Executive Committee Meeting 27th November 2015.

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