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Future Tour - How We Play

The Glasshouse Mountains Golf Zone Junior Association (GMGZJA), with the support and assistance of the participating Golf Clubs, delivers a program of golf events for juniors known as the “Future Tour”.


Who can play Future Tour events?

The Tour events are open to all boys and girls aged between 5 and 17 years old who have reached a minimum standard of golf skill to enable them to enjoy playing 3 or more holes of golf.


Ideally, children should be of a standard that enables them to make regular contact with the ball (not too many “airswings”) and have a basic understanding of the safety aspects of golf (e.g. not walking too close or in front of other players making a swing).  All players under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

How many holes do the kids play?


At this time competitions are offered in the following divisions:

  • 3 holes - currently not offered in 2023 events

  • 6 holes - various Par 5s of 220 m, Par 4s of 180m and Par 3s from the front tee markers

  • 9 holes - various Par 5s, Par 4s and Par 3s playing from temporary markers on the day

  • 13 holes - played from the forward tee blocks of the course 

  • 18 holes - played from designated Men's and Women's tee blocks

Do players need official golf handicaps?

While all 18 hole event players must have official GA handicaps, it is expected that the players in the other divisions will not hold official handicaps.  The 3, 6, 9 & 13 hole players will be handicapped based on the Future Tour handicapping system described in the Future Tour Manual.

Are there any special golf rules?


The 3, 6, 9 & 13 hole events have some modified playing and scoring rules to ensure that players transition gradually towards obtaining official handicaps as their golf skills develop. Again, these modified rules are set out in the Future Tour manual available below.



Handout – 3 Holes short modified rules

Handout – 6 Holes short modified rules

Handout – 9 & 13 Holes short modified rules

Handout – Player and Caddies Responsibilities

Handout – Added Rules for Gross Competition

Handout - Caddy's Role

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